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Robotic Security Guard Prevents Crimes

It's more than just a camera
It's more than just an alarm
It's more than just a light

FutureSentry performs the function of an effective security guard.  Stopping criminals in their tracks.  When it does its job successfully, nothing happens.  When FutureSentry is on guard reported incidents are reduced 80% - 90%.

FutureSentry goes to work before a break-in starts and then intelligently assumes its normal patrol as soon as the area is clear, eliminating incidents, losses, and their follow-up costs.

FutureSentry helps car dealer stay in business
A stolen auto parts gang finds out how FutureSentry prevents crime when they begin to enter a new car lot to quickly grab tires, wheels and other easily removed accessories.
For years, they have made a good living by safely removing $3,000 – $7,000 worth of property in 2 -3 minutes. Even when they trigger spotlights and remote alarms, they are miles down the road before anyone responds.
It is different when they approach a lot guarded by FutureSentry, which identifies and targets them with its LED lights. They are accustomed to motion-activated lights but are surprised when the light follows them as they walk across the lot. They waste precious time when they pause, then decide to split up. But, the FutureSentry follows each thief individually, continually rotating its vision back and forth no matter where in the lot any one of them moves.
They are sure that someone is watching and ready to pounce on them. They rush from the lot and never return.