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February 2011

    Systems Support Specialists launched a new concept in support services.  Most business, professional offices, and commercial locations cannot afford to have a full time IT staff to support their data networks. Systems Support Specialists fills this void, and more.

    IT infrastructure design, Installation, and service. Today's networks require more that just running some cable between point A and B. They often include local wireless services, remote access points, and numerous other devices. It takes proper design and installation to ensure reliability and data security.

    Disaster Recovery should be a consideration of every business. Fire, Water damage, Burglary, and Power Surges are just a few problems that could destroy your data. Very few business have in place a method of recovering from disaster. All too often when a problem strikes there is a scramble to reconstruct and recover lost information.

    Off-site Data Back, eliminates the data loss. Our systems can be programmed to back up servers as often as every 15 minutes and transmit the data off-site every evening. Our system provides an on-site multi-generation backup as well as off-site copies.

    Not just infrastructure but full data services including:

        TeleMed Systems

        Process Control Monitoring Systems

        IT Monitoring Systems

        Server Room Monitoring

        Wireless Data Applications

        Wireless Mesh Data Networks

As we say Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

Systems Support Specialists Inc.